1 day Workshop Photos, 2008

In late 2008 meditation teacher Jeff Oliver led a one day workshop for the Little Bangkok Sangha at the Piya Dhamma Centre in Bangkok. It is unfortunate that Luang Phor Viriyang, to whom the centre is dedicated, decided that we should not be allowed in the place, despite the owner being ok with it, and despite never having heard a bad word about us. So the big and fabulously equipped centre sits there disused pretty much all the time.


Nearly40 participants – both regular faces and new spent the day in the well equipped centre, with lunch kindly offered for everyone by Khun Pradit.

Looking back through old photos makes me realise just how many people have come through our group, and just how much we have been of service. Some faces I still see from time to time, but many of them have moved on. Personally I went to many temples/retreats in my early years, and often did not go back to those places, but each has had a part in my spiritual evolution. I’m happy that our events have played a part, large or small, in other people’s lives.

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