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Gross studies of National Happiness — 4 Comments

  1. Hi All

    The Buddha not only defined suffering [dukkha] but also happiness [sukha]. As we read the suttas more, we come to know more and more of his insightful definitions. In the Bahuvedaniyasutta {M 59 : M I 396-400}, the Buddha talks about the 10 levels of happiness.

    See the following link for three English and one German translation: http://www.suttacentral.net/disp_sutta.php?division_id=2&collection_name=Pali&division_name=Majjhima Nikāya&type=Division&division_acronym=MN

    The first is the happiness/pleasure of the five senses. Then there are nine more levels. Though he doesn’t specifically say in the sutta, it seems likely to me, that the other nine levels deal with the sixth sense – the mind.

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