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HHPCR – Sat 15th January @ BIA — 8 Comments

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    • Yes – Donal said it was easy and very quick. There is a bridge to walk over from Pahonyothin station. The healthy option is to get out at Mor Chit and take the 20 minute walk through the park 🙂

  2. Very regret as I will be out of town for His Holiness Phakchok Rinpoche’s visit. Kindly put me on your list so that I could attend the next time round. Thank you!

  3. Ah, so switching to MRT and taking exit 3 will not save me time (it looks so much closer on ur map!!)

    • The Pahonyothin MRT station is a lot closer than the Chatuchak station, according to Donal – who took that route. He says there is a handy bridge to get across the road, and it only takes a few minutes walk. How few is ‘few’ though?