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Holy Water — 2 Comments

  1. “But the Westerners sat debating for a long time over whether using locks was ‘attachement’ or not, and if it was appropriate for a monastery to use a safe.”

    You’ve got to be kidding right? A group of western monks in a Thai temple really had this discussion? How long had they lived in Thailand? What do you think it was that made them leave their brains aside when they put on robes?

    I mean, really, this would be an interesting discussion about how some people might enter a new religion (and not just as laypeople, but as monks – in a position of authority and respect) with totally ridiculous expectations and ideas.

    I wonder how they became monks if they knew so little about Thai society and if they were so blinded by the fantasies in their heads that they could have such a discussion. Was this a kind of group dynamic in which each was trying to be more ‘spiritual’ than the next do you suppose? Was there no senior person to guide and train them?

    The strangest thing is that I’ve never actually met anyone like this. In the last year I’ve been to four ordination ceremonies in Thailand of westerners putting on Thai robes, and not one of those people would for a minute have a qualm about locking a door or would have wasted much time discusing it – especially if thefts were already happening!

  2. Great article… yes, some people forget it takes money to run even a temple. I have been to only one temple in Thailand that didn’t offer something for the people to buy. And it wasn’t really a temple, it was more of a hermitage.. Ajahn Sumano’s place in Pak Chong.