How to Meditate

Thursday 13 November

(hopefully you will all be ok after the Loi Krathong celebrations the day before!)

Dhamma talk with Jeffrey Oliver

“How to Meditate”

Jeff, former Buddhist monk who¬†has been leading Vipassana mindfulness meditation workshops and retreats for over 10 years, will lead a dhamma talk on the topic ‘how to meditate’. He will detail the method of vipassana practise, how to train the mind in useful exercises and gain insight into the reality of meditation. This talk will lead into the one day meditation workshop that he will host on the following Saturday (spaces limited to 25 participants).

Buddhism: Dhamma is one thing – and we have been looking at some of the teachings over the last year. Meditation goes in the opposite direction though- into the silence of the mind and away from theorising. So we have arranged this time with Jeff in the short space he is available in Bangkok, so we can share in his experience in meditating and teaching. He trained with the world respected Burmese Buddhist monk U Janaka.

Free of Charge as always. No reservation required

gather 6:30, finish around 8:15

Location: Bodhgaya Hallmeditation hall near Chit Lom BTS


Get out at Chit Lom Skytrain Station, and walk or take the lift (‘elevator’ to Americans) down to the ground floor of the Amarin Tower. From the ground floor, take the lift up to the 22nd floor. DMG is on the right hand side on the 22nd floor, and there is a nice coffee shop there, so you can arrive early for events and meet some of the regulars.

You cannot get up to the 22nd floor via the lift in the Amarin plaza itself. You must go to the lifts on the ground floor, to access the office block above the Amarin Plaza. Click the maps below for clear directions:

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