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  1. Hi,

    Not just the belching cows, there are a million reasons for not eating lumps of slaughtered flesh and all the other products of other beings’ bodies.

    Health of course, but also an awareness that all these animals, raised and murdered in such horrific cruelty, are sentient beings just like us, inseperably connected to us, and that eating their bodies goes against not just the precept against killing, but also the precept against stealing.

    What right do we have to take the body of another sentient being (in many cases more intelligent and aware than young human children) to kill and consume for our own pleasure?

    Thank goodness for Thai veggie week, but surely the compassionate (and healthy, and environmentally friendly etc) thing to do is to maintain a veggie diet all year round?

    Wishing peace and happiness to all beings,


  2. Challenge :-

    But what to put on your pizza instead of cheese ?

    Here is a recipe for a healthy wholemeal pizza (vegan or macrobiotic):-


    Many traditional societies survived on whole grains and vegetables supplemented by a small amount of healthy organic (free range) meat or fish. Nutritional science recognises that such a diet can be complete provided care is taken over vitamin B12.

    • There’re many reasons to stop or lessen eating meat, of course. But it seems to get missed from Global Warming debates – that stopping eating meat will do far more for stopping greenhouse gasses than switching to a hybrid motor car. As for the recepies … I wish … I must admit, that I will not give up cheese. So rare that it appears in a temple that it makes little difference though.