Just be Mindful! It’s the Most Loving Thing.

A message from Sayadaw U Jotika after his recent travel to Bangkok.

Whatever it is we have – we got it from the community we are living in, we got it from the world.

If we want more good things from the community we must try our best to make the community better.

Help people live a better life and we will live in a better community.

Help people practice mindfulness, then, they will become a better person.

We will have better friends.

If we want the best, we should also give the best.

By practicing mindfulness, we develop our spiritual qualities.

We become more patient, more loving, more caring.

We don’t do anything harmful to ourselves and to others.

In short, we become a better person.

By becoming a better person we have done much for our community.

It is our best contribution.

Just by being peaceful we have contributed much for the world.

I want to live a long life.


Because, I can do much good for myself and for others too.

If you love yourself, be mindful. That is the most loving thing.

Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

By knowing yourself better you become a better person.


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5 replies on “Just be Mindful! It’s the Most Loving Thing.”

  1. How is it Sayadaw says the simplest things, that seem to go so deep!

    A common question from people new to Buddhism is ‘isn’t it selfish? What is desirable about detachment?’

    Mindfulness is a quality of detachment, in a wholesome way. You help yourself and society by its power.

    Sayadaw’s recent talk in Bangkok will be posted in mp3 form in the next week.

  2. This is so nice and meaningful. It inspired me alot. Hope this will keep me reminding me and i will become better person too! Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!

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