Saturday 27th February
Series: Sat. 13th Feb – Sat. 26th March

Week 3 of the :


Karma is one of the more rational aspects of Buddhism, until it’s connection with Heavens and Hells is drawn – Buddhism has a pantheon of Gods, and layers of realms for rebirth: this Clockwork Universe is governed by laws to which even Gods and Buddhas are subject. The cosmology comes from India, but it was adapted somewhat in the Buddhist concept.

Westerners tend to have difficulty with the idea of rebirth (rather than reincarnation, which is slightly different). But following our academic approach, we can enjoin this picture of the Universe with interest.



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There is a one-time course fee of 200 baht. Each week covers a different topic (topics all listed on the main announcement), so you are still free to join in.

The course is academic in approach, rather than religious. We want to understand the thinking and philosophy behind both Buddhism and Thai culture, which are of course, intimately linked.

above: week 2 – Buddhism, animism and superstition



this week we’ll stick to the schedule precisely.

Saturday morning, 27th February

  • 9:45am Meet at the Rojana Center
  • 10-11am talk on Karma and the Clockwork Universe
  • 11-11:30 Questions
  • 11:30 finish (promptly)


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Entrance to the Rojana Center

Gatherings are at the beautiful, and spacious Rojana Center, Sukhumvit 23

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