Kathmandu Healing Meditation: Sun. 17th

If you are up on a Sunday morning, the meditation at Kathmandu Gallery is recommended. It is led by a Thai meditation teacher and volunteer hospital counselor Khun Morakot, who has much experience with using meditation for healing both in her own life and especially with cancer patients. She has fluent English, and a charming 2 room guest house in Chiang Mai in case you are travelling there. She also runs weekend retreats at her father’s farm outside of Chiang Mai each weekend (see RETREATS page).

Buffet of Metta Meditation

Sunday 17th January

Metta Meditation or Cultivation of Love and Compassion can be done in many forms; from the recitation of Pali Mantra of Sabbe Satta to invocation a sacred being to meditate on love and kindness for oneself to the ultimate Tibetan metta Tonglen which one takes in suffering from others while giving them love and healing in return.   Healing Meditation Workshop at Kathmandu is presenting a New Year buffet of Metta Meditation for participants to choose from.  While wishing others well, we cultivate our own well being.

Sunday 17 of January 2010

From 10.00-11.30 am

at Kathmandu Photo Gallery and Book Shop

87 Pan Road, off Silom Road

(near Indian Temple)

BTS Surasak or Chongnonsi


Admission is free but donation is welcome

Open to beginners and to open minded meditators

Please book your place in advance


Kathmandu 02-234-6700


If you need to sit on the chair,

please also let us know


Recommended for people with cancer

Kathmandu Gallery is a 10 min walk from Surasak BTS Station.

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