Saturday 17th May
at the INDUS Restaurant

‘Keep Your Meditation Practise Going’
Dhamma Talk, Meditation and light lunch


In February and March this year we held a meditation course at the Indus restaurant. Our meetings were kindly hosted by the Indus restaurant. Yogis who signed up all were committed to doing 20 minutes meditation day (which you were all doing, right?!).

It’s been just over a month. We will meet once more to check where you are at. And give some hints and tips for how to keep a meditation practise going now you have had time to digest.

To mark the official end of this year’s meditation course, we’ll have a light lunch together.



  • 10:00am Meet at the INDUS Restaurant
  • 10:15 Dhamma Talk on how to keep a meditation practise going
  • 11:00 Questions and feedback from your experience
  • 11:30-12:30 Take a light early lunch together at the Indus

We will have a light ‘finger buffet’ lunch at 150 baht per person. 

We have been fortunate in the support from the Indus in providing a meeting space for us to gather in – these kind of spaces near to Skytrain stations are generally costly and not geared up for meditation. Some of you also took lunch there occasionally – the food is great! As part of our appreciation for the venue it is fitting that we should eat together there and experience some of the wonderful Indian food on offer. So our lunch is partly to appreciate the establishment for supporting our meditation meetings, and also to meet and chat with some of the other yogis. A nice way to round off this year’s course.

If you are one of our regular meditators but did not join the course, you are also welcome to join – it was going to be a private gathering for the group who joined the meetings, but we can open it up to anyone who is a (fairly) regular meditator too.

A really nice way to mark the occasion is to bring something as an offering to the other yogis – something small and easy is good. Though just brining yourself is already an offering; you are supporting others in developing the quality of mindfulness and meditation. In Buddhism we always try to keep in mind that any effort we make to develop a spiritual quality is ultimately dedicated to all world beings, and not just our own happiness.


Keeping up with meditation is not that easy. There are so many distractions. So many more vital urgent things to do (facebook isn’t urgent!). And then when you do get to sitting meditation, your mind is a mess.

That is to be expected. It takes some time and patience to really train yourself to be with the mind as it is, and let it calm down naturally. Actually, if you can stay with the breathing, then the mind will become calmer in an organic way. The only way towards balance in the mind is by working through the inbalance with patience, and a little humour.

  • It is not necessary to book.
  • Event is free of charge
  • The food is 150 baht per person
  • The next Meditation Course meeting will be Feb/March in 2015


On a final note – this was the first time doing a weekly course like this in Bangkok – in English anyway!

It all seems to have gone very well, and we had a good crowd of people. Many were new to meditation, but also many of the more experienced meditators joined as a ‘refresher’, and to support the group.

While this particular theme and gathering has ended, through the year will be various special events, workshops and our usual Thursday evening meditation gatherings. We’ll be inviting the good teachers we know while they are passing through Bangkok.