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Pandit Bhikkhu Bio: While searching aimlessly for something to read in a quiet library in rural New Zealand Pandit came across a book on Buddhism. Inspired to investigate further he devoured what few books on the topic he could find, and then took off to start some monastery stays and short retreats. Before leaving NZ and heading back to his native England he took some longer retreats, including 10 days at Te Moata retreat centre in the Coromandel Peninsula of NZ with Steven Smith teaching Mahasi style meditation. Following the Forest temples in the lineage of Luang Phor Chah for a few years, Pandit entered Ratanagiri Monastery in Newcastle, Northern UK in 1994 as an Anagarika (novice). Six months there, and then six months further in Amaravati while Ajahn Sumedho was abbot, convinced him to ordain as a monk. He headed off to Thailand in late 1996 and ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Luang Phor Sodh in Rajaburi Province. Four years later he moved to Wat Paknam, Bhasicharoen in order to attend the monastic university, gaining a degree in psychology.

Having had experience in meditation styles of  Mahasi Sayadaw, Ajahn Chah, Dhammakaya, and some Tibetan, Pandit Bhikkhu claims no lineage other than Buddhism. His own approach uses reflection on the six senses to hold the mind in empty alert awareness. But there are various techniques that are useful for people at different times in their practise. Just so long as you keep making an effort, with the right goal in mind, progress will be made.

His interests, besides nuclear power, vertical axis wind turbines and the Electric Universe theory, include psychology, faerie tales, and other mystic religious traditions.

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Little Bangkok Sangha: started in 2007 at Baan Aree. Intended as a set of just six talks over the rainy period when monks are not travelling or teaching, ‘littlebang’ started as a temporary blog to provide details for the talks. But too many people came and wanted to be involved to stop there, so we carried on. And on. The group has taken shape haphazardly over a period of years. We did movie days, retreats, dhamma talks and social gatherings. We have been offered access to a number of venues whose owners have offered use use of their facilities free of charge for the purpose of practising Dhamma and meditation – venues large and small, we have been very fortunate to have received such support so that we can hold events free of charge. In particular we owe a debt of gratitude to Ariyasom Villa Boutique Hotel in Bangkok for unending support and facilities. Dhamma is priceless and is never to be sold or profited from, but we can only facilitate events through the generosity of our various venues and through dana (donation) from the people who attend events.

Over five years we have been able to invite a large number of notable speakers to give talks and lead sessions for us in Bangkok – all of who we have received with gratitude. We really would like to encourage Dhamma teachers to stop off in Bangkok when they are passing through, to help give teachings. It is interesting, but in this Buddhist Kingdom with its glittering temples and stupas, there is precious little Dhamma in English to be found in the Capital.

As of 2013 if the good people of Bangkok really would like to nurture and maintain a Dhamma group, and make our Little Bangkok Sangha into something not so little anymore, we will try to launch a more full time and reliable schedule of activities – but it is up to all of you to support! In particular we should support visiting Dhamma teachers with donations – they always give their time and dhamma for free, but of course, they have expenses too, and so hopefully we can all help to donate generously to help cover at least their travelling costs.


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