While you’re in Thailand…
@ the little Bangkok Meditation Center
Mondays, 7:00- 8:15pm, Ekkamai BTS



‘Drop In’ meditation session, weekly on Mondays. This is free style meditation – if you are a beginner some instructions will be given; experienced meditators are welcome to develop their own practice.

Meditation is not so easy – there are always countless distractions to waylay you. And even if you do sit, there are countless thoughts and worries that will claim your attention. Take the long view – like anything it takes lots of practice and lots of patience.

Coming out once a week to sit with others is a strong tool from strengthening resolve and making a statement to yourself that mind is something that must be developed.

There is no charge, and no need to reserve a place. A small donation to the center or food offering for the resident monk, is optional. Sessions are in English language.

So come, meditate with a monk, Mondays.


  • 7:00 pm Meet at the little Bangkok Meditation Center
  • 7:20 basic meditation instructions
  • 7:30 group meditation
  • 8:15 finish


Sessions are led by British born Pandit Bhikkhu, ordained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand since 1996. He’s the organiser behind the little Bangkok Sangha activities in Bangkok.

To ordain as a monk in Thailand one, surprisingly, does not have to be a Buddhist, and does not have to make a lifelong commitment. One does however, have to memorize quite a bit of Pali chanting and choreography for the ordination procedure. Plus one is committed to following the monastic routine and renunciation.

While the newspapers present the monk’s life as one of luxury and laziness, that is not accurate. There are many restrictions and frustrations – which is why modern Thais only ordain for a few days, if at all. Many monks are pushed into robes in their early life, and must motivate themselves to get secular schooling. Generally they later return to lay life.

Others ordain for longer periods, or life, committing to theoretical study, and meditation practice, before finding a suitable role in the monastic structure.

Most Westerners who come to be Buddhist monks focus on the meditation side of things.



‘APARTMENTS’ Meditation Centre

The center is a 4 minute walk from Ekkamai BTS Station.

We are 9/37 Thana Aket, Ekkamai Sukhumvit 63.

Enter Ekkamai (Sukhumvit Soi 63). Turn left into the second soi (lane). Bourbon street restaurant is on the corner. We’re the third building on the right, in the ‘APARTMENTS‘ building. Go up to the top floor. See the excellent map – it is very precise!little-bangkok-meditation-center-ekkamai