Topic: Meditate with Mae Chee Brigitte
Time: Aug 9, 2021 18:30 Bangkok
Meeting ID: 557 713 7755
We will start with a 15-20 minute meditation, followed by Q&A.
Acharn MC Brigitte Schrottenbacher teaches Vipassana Meditation and other Meditation technics at Wat Prayong Gittivanaram International Meditation Center. MC Brigitte was ordained on January 4th, 1990 at Sorn Thawee Meditation Center Bangkhla, Chachoengsao, Thailand.
Her first Meditation Master was Phra Acharn Thawee Baladhammo – Abbot of Sorn Thawee Meditation Center. With the Venerable Phra Acharn Thawee MC Brigitte studied for 5 years Vipassana Meditation (Mahasi Sayadaw technique). On request of the Ven. Phra Acharn Thawee Baladhammo she started teaching Meditation to foreigners in English and German Language in 1992.
1994: she moved to Sam Chuk, Suphanburi to study Samatha-Vipassana (“Buddho” technique – as taught by the most Venerable Luang Poo Mun) with Phra Acharn Sangwahn Khemako for 7 years.
2001: she was asked to help teaching at Wat Thamkrissana Dhammaram. MC Brigitte continued her practice and teaching at Wat Thamkrissana Dhammaram in Khao Yai, Nakorn Ratchsima together with Phra Acharn Tippakorn Sukhito.
In 2002 MC Brigitte started to teach abroad in several countries in Europe, New Zealand, Russia, U.S.A., Malaysia and Singapore.
2006: MC Brigitte moved to Wat Pa Charoenrat Dhammaram in Pathumthani Province and continued to practice and teach with the Venerable Phra Acharn Veeranon until 2007.
From January 2007 to March 2009 MC Brigitte was leading Phra Sanghachai International Meditation Center in Bangkok.
On March 6th, 2009 MC Brigitte was honored with the UN International Women’s-day award “Outstanding Woman in Buddhism 2009”. On December 9th, 2009 MC Brigitte was honored by Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn for “Peace-building and Meritorious Deeds Performed unto Humanity”.
Since April 2009 MC Brigitte teaches at Wat Prayong Gittivanaram International Meditation Center. MC Brigitte started teaching monthly courses at Wat Prayong – every 1st to 7th of the months. Every Year she organizes a New Years Retreat from 1st to 9th January in the Khao Yai mountains.
She frequently teaches retreats at other locations like the World Fellowship of Buddhists in Bangkok, at Chiangmai and Chiangrai Province in Thailand and was invited to give advice to “Monks in Training to go Abroad (Phra Dhammatut)” to spread the Dhamma.