Meditation and Creativity

It’s been a long time coming; this Saturday 1st October we’ll be taking an open look at the topic of Meditation and Creativity.

Silent Mind vs Creative Mind

at the Tai Pan Hotel

Suk. 23

Saturday October 1st


A ‘Meet and Eat’ afternoon – meet for lunch and chat. After lunch we move up to the meeting room for discussion on Creativity and Meditation – as inspired by a number of video clips. The idea is a more open discussion than one-way dhamma talks. It’s a nice way to meet some of the other faces and regulars – you know there are lots of interesting peoplewho have been into all kinds of things…..

You are welcome to come just for lunch, for just the video’s and discussion, or both. Everyone is welcome – don’t worry that you don’t know anyone personally..


The Tai Pan has its famous 250 baht Buffet which has lots of choice – soup, bread, big salad bar, order-your-own-pizza, and the usual rice/curries. Arrive anytime between 11-12 am. Be sure to pay with the group as we’ll get a 10% discount, which will go to the meeting room hire.


Straight after lunch we go up to the meeting room on level 5 for a series of short video’s to get the topic started. Lined up are a couple of the brilliant TED talks, of about 20 minutes each, on creativity, and a few other interesting shorts to get the argumentative juices flowing.

Meditation is ‘just watching’, or is making the mind still on an object. At first glance this should stifle creativity. You are disengaging from the mental processes! Or does disengaging from conscious mental processes open up the unconscious creativity?

Where does creativity come from? Could it be the still point in the heart of consciousness? In which case should you stop the mind, or engage the creative process?

Music, Art, Dance – none of these were allowed to Buddhist monks – are they a hindrance to the practise?

These questions and more…..


11-12 come for lunch

1pm go up to the meeting room level 5

1-4pm videos, discussion

4pm ish, finish.

You are welcome to come just for the lunch, just for the films, or both as you like (better to join both of course 🙂 )

Lunch is 250 baht – but if you pay through the group we should get a 10% discount which we can put to the room hire cost.

Hire charge for the meeting room is 2500 baht total, including projector. Please help chip in to cover this cost!


Goto Asoke BTS or Underground line. Walk East and go down Sukhumvit 23 for 336 meters (thanks Google Earth). Turn left into the Tai Pan Hotel. Restaurant is on the ground floor as you enter the building. Make sure you come to say hello and join the group!

Map to Tai Pan Hotel - Sukhumvit 23

5 replies on “Meditation and Creativity”

  1. I look forward to seeing you there …. I used to try and write books, and meditation drove me mad – stuff would just pour out of me (not very good stuff unfortunately).

  2. interesting angle – coming from the space perceived in stillness i’d say it’s about creating something out of nothing at all, a bit like in that famous air supply song 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for this session. It was refreshing to hear so many views and takes on creativity – in and by itself very creative. Now, as with any wave, I will retreat back into a silent mind and reflect how this makes me feel.

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