Meditation in Chiang Mai

If you are going to Chiang Mai, there is a relatively unadvertised and quiet way to spend some close time with a well respected Sayadaw from Burma. The location is in a Doctor’s house, with Sayadaw U Thuzana who is visiting Chiang Mai for the Rains Retreat period. We are also hoping Sayadaw will stop in Bangkok and give a talk for us in early October. Received information is as follows:

Meditation Retreat (Mahasi tradition)

Teacher: Sayadaw U Thuzana from Panditarama Forest Meditation Center in Mynmar

Date: 6 July- 3 October 2009

Place: Pimokemuk Institute Mediation Retreat Center

65/64 Soi Wat U-Moang, Tambol Suthep, Amphur Muang, Chaingmai

Contact phone number: 084-042-3113 or Email:

Sayadaw U Sujana (U Thuzana) is the disciple of Ovadacariya Sayadawgi U Panditabhivamsa of Panditarama in Myanmar. Previously, he was the meditation teacher (Kammatthanacariya) in Malaysia Buddhist Meditation Centre (MBMC), Penang, Malaysia. He speaks English well and teaches vipassana meditation, based on the Mahasi Saydaw techniques (noting on rising and falling of the abdomen) and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

– more information about Sayadaw U Sujana (U Thuzana) at:


The following web browser is a diary note (in Thai) of a man who joined the retreat at this meditation centre in Chiangmai.:

กราบนมัสการ ท่านพระอาจารย์บัณฑิต

ข้อมูลข้างล่างนี้เกี่ยวกับพระอาจารย์สยาดอ อู สุชนะ ที่มาจากสำนักปัณฑิตาราม จากย่างกุ้ง ท่านสอนกรรมฐานที่เชียงใหม่ในช่วงเข้าพรรษานี้

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