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Meditation Workshop — 31 Comments

  1. ผมขอจอง 1 ที่ครับ ชื่อ กันธร ไกรกาบแก้ว โทร.0816403638
    Kanthorn Kraikabkaew


  2. Please reserve a spot for me.
    I assume that we will be maintaining noble silence throughout the day, including lunch time and coffee break?

  3. Wow, filling up fast.

    We will limit to 18 the places for the one-to-one guidence, and another 10 places to join in without the interview – there should still be chance after the day’s retreat to talk with Jeff individually for anyone who did not get to interview.

    I will mail to all of you who have booked in.

  4. Appreciate if you could book two spots, for the full day mediation and personal interviews with Ajhan.for myself and my wife. on the 15th November.

    Please conform by return E mail. to rohan.perera@ihgbangkok.com

    Thank you

    With mettha

    Rohan & Tishani

  5. I would like to make a reservation for the one day Meditation Workshop on Saturday 15th November from 9am to 6pm with visiting meditation teacher Ajahn Jeff Oliver.

    Thank you.
    Sareena Sernsukskul

  6. Please reserve me a seat for the Meditation Workshop on 15th November.
    Many thanks,

    Jan Favre

  7. If it is not too late already, I would be most grateful if I too could make a reservation for the Nov 15 meditation workshop. Thank you!

  8. I’ve been practising with A.Jeff and others for many years. He is GREAT! His teaching is practical.

    As adviced by him about this program, may I reserve for two persons on Sat.? No interview is find. Thank you.


  9. I hope this is not too late for me to ask you to make a reservation for me for the meditation workshop with Aj.Jeff on this Nov. 15. It will be very much helpful to me. Many Thanks.

  10. I would like to join the meditation workshop on No. 15, if it is still possible. Thank you so much.

  11. I would like to reserve a place for the meditation workshop on the 15 th Nov.
    Thank You

  12. Please reserve me a seat for the Meditation Workshop on 15th November.
    Kind regards

    Beata Majewska

  13. I would like to introduce my husband to A. Jeff’s Meditation Workshop on Sat. 15th. I have known A. Jeff for many years and did enjoy meditation and talks. Please reserve 2 spots for us. Thanks.

  14. Hmm seem like I may be too late to reserve the seat. Anyway, if there any place left or any cancellation, please kindly let me know. I would like to attend it. Thank you.

  15. I would like to participate if possible. I am not requesting any interview and if you are short of food I can bring my own. Please advise if its possible to come or not.


  16. Is there ANY chance of one more place? I just heard about it and would so love to attend. If there’s any way you could let me know that’d be wonderful.

    Thanks a LOT