Meet and Eat – at the other Indian Veg place

Thursday 30th

anytime between 11am and 12 noon

Lunch at the ‘other’ Indian Veggie Restaurant – situated on Silom Soi 11, 10 mins walk (or motorcycle) from Chong Nongsi BTS Station.

Just for fun, and to celebrate Old Year’s End Eve

(that is the day before the Old Year Ends)


Lunch with Venerable Pandit and any other monks we can take along. We meet just for fun and to meet some new people. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. There is no format, no start or end time. Come and go as you like.

The food is a very reasonable price, and the place is quiet enough that we can hog the tables and sit chatting without being thrown out (as happened at another place we tried). There is both a vegetarian menu and a meat menu to choose from. And it is easier feeding monks at 11am than 5 in the morning when they are out on almsround!

Follow the map, it is easy to find:


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  1. So sorry to miss this one. Just happens to be the day I’ll be headed for a TM Silence World Peace Assembly(multiple day retreat) in Chanthaburi. Have a bite for me, and happy end of the year and beginning and duration of the next one. See you on the other side.

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