Meet and Eat

Wednesday 8th August

It’s Nui’s last bash at Annapurna before she goes to America.

Come say goodbye – doesn’t even matter if you don’t know her- come along anyway. Cheap food and company!

We will Meet ‘n Eat at our favourite Indian Veggie restaurant on Tanon Pan (runs between Silom and Sathorn).

The place is called Annapurna (also known as Mashoors)

The service might not be too sharp, but the food is good, and it’s cheap! Good company too, meet some new people and other regulars.

Arrive 11 am (can come later, but we have to get all the tables before other customers arrive)

Finish, whenever you like.

Come and go as you please.

Nearest skytrain station is Surasak. From there it is less than an 8 minute walk. The seriously hot or lazy can taxi from Surasak for 37 baht..

Click the wonderful clear map for an even larger version!