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  1. Could’nt make it to the meeting because of work but appreciate the info & clips you’ve posted about it .. Cheerz, Lee

  2. Dear Venerable

    while I think that meditation helps in maintaining one’s physical and mental health, it is not a fool-proof thing. Meditators still get sick, bodies still age, and eventually will still face death.

    For me, the main reason for doing meditation is to achieve spiritual progress while at the same time, enjoying the beneficial side-effects on both the physical and mental health. Therefore, if one is sick despite meditation, that’s completely normal.

  3. Excellent article Pandit.
    Thanks so much for doing the research. I couldn’t make it to the meeting. I’ve moved to Chiang Ra, where I have been living for the past 12 days. I look forward to other posts.

  4. It was a good discussion – I found myself agreeing with everyone, and still without definite answers … All you can do is keep trying…

  5. Interesting – the voice ‘against’ seems firmly rooted in psychoanalysis i.e. digging into the past. This form of psychology is very out of date and out of vogue in modern psycholocy, at least in the Anglo Saxon world.