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Message from HHPCR — 2 Comments

  1. I have to say that the tendency within some Vajrayana circles to use rough speech for humour or emphasis is a bit troubling. If you were at one recent talk at the Tavana you will know what I mean.
    Yes, it has a ‘cool’ aspect in being anti-stuffy. And can be fun.
    But at the end of the day we are trying to maintain ‘right’ specch which includes refraining from rough/harsh words.
    Another point is HHPCR often emphasises mindfulness. Yet followers of Vajrayana tend to be more interested in mantra recitation, ‘special’ practises such as Phowa which they believe will guarentee them a place in heaven, or most especially Empowerments.
    HHPCR gave a talk in Singapore in 2010 all about not getting involved with superstition, unfounded beliefs – even if they are teachings – and to emphasis day to day mindfulness. The next day the attendees were all buzzing about the talk. It was a nice talk. But after the talk had finished and I left, everyone told me he gave an extremely rare Empowerment.
    That was all they were talking about – being given this special Empowerment, even after 1.5 hours of Rinpoche emphasising the mundane practise as the real aim of Tibetan Buddhism.
    The message above is again about mindfulness, but I am sure it will be considered ‘just for the public’. 2 years ago I offered the Tibetan group in Penang a weeekend mindfulness workshop – after Rinpoche himself suggested it, and told me to make the offer. It was received with disdain. No magic!
    Ringu Tulku Rinpoche also mentioned this – that people would go to HH Dalai Lama’s retreats for the Empowerment and then go home. So he moved the Empowerments to the end of the retreat instead. Then people got the idea and turned up just on the last day!
    It may be more difficult, and harder to get hold of, but mindfulness practises, coupled with one-pointed concentration exercies is the way the Buddha actually taught.