Mind of Beasts and the Centered Mind with Phra Pandit Bhikkhu

The Little Bangkok Sangha is inviting you to a Zoom meeting on Monday 13 February, 2023 from 6:30 – 08:00 PM Bangkok time.

Getting past much of the pseudo-psychology that is modern Buddhism, this talk will be based around one of the original teachings from Shakyamuni, in which he advises “How to have a good death”. Focus will be on what was described as the ‘scattered’ and the ‘non-scattered’ mind in meditation.

Sutta Reference: AN 6:14 A Good Death Bhaddakasutta


Speaker: Phra Pandit Bhikkhu

Phra Pandit Bhikkhu is a British Buddhist monk who chose Thailand as his place of ordination in 1996 after studying Buddhism and non-dual spirituality in various parts of the world for a number of years. He is the founder and principal teacher of the Little Bangkok Sangha which offers Dhamma in English in Bangkok. He has a degree in psychology and a MA in Buddhist Studies. Various media of his talks are available online. He is also a psychologist and University lecturer. Phra Pandit Bhikkhu has a reputation for being a very engaging speaker who effortlessly makes links between the Buddha’s wisdom teachings and contemporary understandings of consciousness.

6:25 PM: Zoom room opens

6:30 PM: Dhamma talk on Mind of Beasts and the Centered Mind, followed by Q&A

8:00 PM: Close

Here is the Zoom link:https://us06web.zoom.us/j/3141894720?pwd=cXg5ZkIrMGxNelpLTFhMK2graWpnZz09

Meeting ID: 314 189 4720