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Miracles — 2 Comments

  1. No part II “tomorrow” (Nov 6th) as promised. Could that be called a miracle? Please, let’s have more on this topic!

  2. About these miracles, they are part of teachings and traditions carried down from the very early days of Buddhism. Is it possible these tales were spun by later Buddhist teachers, like Aesop or Uncle Remus, who wanted to impart the message in a meaningful (at the time) way? If this doesn’t suit our particular spiritual needs, there are many other places to go in Buddhist study and practice to either fulfil our needs or help us understand why we have them.
    Vipassana may be the preferred practice of intellectuals and obsessives, while the stories appeal to the more socially inclined, and the miracles give hope to the hopeless (St. Jude?). And thus I would say, “Leave the miracles alone!” because I believe that the Buddha would say despair is bad for you. :)Keep smiling.