Monday 22nd Feb: Moments of Insight

We will be meeting again on Monday at Ariyasom for meditation. Phra Cittasamvaro and Ajahn Kusalo

No Dhamma talks this time, just some short instructions/methods to use, and then meditation. 

Beginners are welcome, and there will be chance either before or after for some direct Q&A about meditation with British monk Phra Cittasamvaro

Free of charge, and in English.

This week – practising detachment (or training in ‘letting go’ so that you can meditate more quietly)

6:30 gather and refreshments in the Library

before 7 pm – go up to the Dhamma Hall

7:00 short talk/instruction on meditation

7:15 – 7:50 meditation

7:50 finish and leave for home, or hang out a bit longer with the Sangha – up to you.

There is a good Palestinian restaurant nearby for those who’d like to go eat and hang out a bit longer.

We’re thinking of making this a regular thing. Since the venue is so nice, and there’s a few cheap places to eat around nearby (not to mention the fabulous vegetarian food in the Ariyasom restaurant), we can meet weekly if people are interested. The idea will not be for Dhamma talks – we’ll do that intermittently too – but to keep the feeling of Sangha, and keep up with the meditation.

So input and suggestions will be welcome. Should we add in chanting? Or the ‘taking refuge’ ceremony?

Ariyasom Villa 

Most Little Bangkok Sangha readers will know the beautiful Ariyasom Villa. If you have not been yet, Ariyasom is situated at the end of Sukhumvit Soi one, less than a 10 minute walk from Ploen Chit BTS Station.

6 replies on “Monday 22nd Feb: Moments of Insight”

  1. I will be there from 4pm in case anyone wants to go early and hang out a bit. Anyone new to meditation can also come and chat a bit beforehand informally to get some one-on-one pointers depending on your prior experience.

  2. Hi,

    Wonderful! A regular weekly English-language meditation group is just what this city has been in need of for ages!

    For the past few years the Littlebang group has been based around irregular visiting speakers, the odd film show, and other special events – all of which have been, and are, totally wonderful and thank you so much – but a weekly group sit will do so much in terms of creating a real sense of Sangha. Thank you.

    (And it will certainly boost my own practice in those long weeks between Zen Club meetings!)

    And yes, I think chanting is agreat idea! We could start and finish with some each week. That’d be great!

    As for refuge, were you thinking of going beyond just reciting the refuges each week, which I personally think is essential, and having a a special formal refuge ceremony some time? That’d be a great idea too.

    I remember when I took formal refuge, in Anyang, Korea, along with our study group called Saturday Sangha led by Chong Go Sunim – having a special day and a special ceremony, with Dharma names and everything, make it a truly significant and meaningful event. A real life marker.

    Fabulous stuff! See you on Monday!

    Palms together,

    Marcus / Seok Jeong

  3. oh, yes, great ideas. . . I agree with Marcus. A regular weekly meditation session in a group is very supportive to individual practice. Occasionally offering some techniques, such as Phra Wimoak’s suggestions, would be helpful as well.
    Taking refuge could be affirming. . . can we have string?

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