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Monday Meditation … back again — 14 Comments

  1. Starting Monday 4 June ? Barring the misprinting of my calendar or turbulence in my visual perception, it would seem it was meant Monday 6 June…or is it Saturday 4 June ? Kindly confirm.

  2. Very good news. I am looking forward to get to know you. I would like to emphasise what Savior said, though: Will it be Monday, 6 or Saturday, 4?

  3. Phra Pandit! Thank you for the extensive work at locating a venue for this very important piece of Little Bangkok Sangha practice… your dedication to us english language folks and biligual Thais is priceless! see ya tonite (yes, I and Rubby survived Burma Pilgrimage!)

  4. At the location on the map above, namely, Asoke Junction, on the corner of Sukhumvit 18.
    On Monday 8th August, we move location to Sukhumvit 24 for this year’s dhamma talk series.

  5. Thank you for organizing of the various events. Can you pls tell me the venue in soi 25 for the Meditation. thanks Silvia