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Monday – weekly meditation — 8 Comments

  1. Hi,

    I really enjoyed that first sit last Monday. Thank you so much to Phra Cittasamvaro, to the very generous Ariyasom Villa, and to everyone who was there. Fabulous, Mondays have now become the highlight of the week!

    With palms together,


  2. Graab Namuskarn Pra Ajahn Bundit! Is it possible for Thai to join the Meditation class ?

  3. Hi,

    Sorry, I’ve not been able to make it for the past couple of weeks. I live near Phan Fa Bridge and (though I’ve never much liked going out late) since the Red Shirt rally, getting home in the evening has become even more of a major undertaking. Sorry.

    But I really miss it and would like to attend again soon. Is there a sit next Monday (Songkran)?

    With palms together,


  4. That’s good to know! Wonderful!

    (But, unfortunately, I still won’t be able to make it! My apartment is within the Red Shirt area, and last Saturday night I had to cross through first army roadblocks and then Red Shirt barricades to get home, – and then I got tear gassed in my own room! LOL!)

    But your sits starts in just under an hour from now and I’ll sit at exactly the same time too, – thus joining you even if not in the same physical space.

    Wishing you a fruitful sit tonight and with palms together,