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Monk Note: Dr Holly and I — 5 Comments

  1. I might mention also thanks for the contributions to the funeral expenses … it’s never nice to think about these things, but it is a practical matter. The total bill came to 49 705 baht, of which we we able to assist the family to the amount of 32 705 baht.

  2. I know no two persons are alike but just hope someone turns up to take her role in promoting LittleBang. Sadhu

  3. To Pandit Cittasamvaro Bhikkhu:
    I have been negligent in opening the Little Bang websit since returning to Canada. I was shocked today to learn of Dr.Holly’s passing…..She gave so much to our sangha. I will always remember the love and joy she extended to all of us as well as her alert mind, and spirit of fun.During the cool season, I tutored a friend studying an internet tourism course. It required a creditable person to supervise the exam. I mentioned this to Dr.Holly. She readily volunteered and did so around the last week of March. Nuchalee,who is essentially self educated was very nervous about having a professor with a doctorate supervise her test, but Dr.Holly’s warm and caring personality put her at ease almost immidiately. It’s this warmth and caring that I will always remember when I think of Dr.Holly.

    Rae Gilman
    Prince Edward Island, Canada

  4. Thanks Rae – I thought you were on the emailing list, and so would have gotten the news (sometimes emails get spammed). It was a big loss to myself personally, as well as so many other people.