Following is the announcement from Mae Chee Brigitte for her annual New Year retreat in the chilly Kao Yai National Park.  Nakhon Ratchasima

For those of you who don’t know Mae Chee Brigitte – she is an Austrian nun based in Thailand. She speaks German, English and Thai, and is a well known and respected meditation teacher. You will find her an excellent guide!

We’re not taking any more reservations for this retreat. If you would like to try and get in at the last minute, please head to Mae Chee Brigitte’s Website.

This year Phra Pandit will be joining the retreat to help Mae Chee Brigitte. [Update – as all public transport is booked full over the new year Phra Pandit will not be able to join this retreat after all]

Pandit, Steven Smith, Mae Chee Brigitte in Chaing Mai


Retreat 1st to 9th January at the Khao Yai National Park

[Update: the venue has been changed to a place in Nakhon Ratchasima- mini vans will leave from Wat Prayong at midday as already arranged just the destination has changed. click here for the website of the new venue]

[Click here for the Announcement in German]

There will be a New Years Eve ceremony on 31st December at Wat Prayong where Mae Chee Brigitte resides, and all are invited to join for that before the retreat if desired. [directions to Wat Prayong]

The Retreat starts on 1st January. Please join for the full retreat. If you cannot stay the full period then you will need to arrange your own transport back from the retreat venue, or take public transport.

The meditation method is based on Vipassana (Insight) meditation cultivating awareness in all postures at all times. This present moment awareness gets stronger and the process of insight starts to arise – insight into your own body/mind processes. Experiencing yourself in a radically different way according to your depth of practise, transformation begins, with a growth in spiritual qualities.


  • Phra Acharn Phet Thanagaro, abbot Wat Prayong (Thai),
  • Phra Acharn Tak (Thai)
  • MC Brigitte Schrottenbacher (Austrian)
  • Phra Pandit (English)

If you are going directly to Wat Prayong yourself, you should arrive at the temple 1st January before midday. The group will then travel by mini-vans to the Meditation Center near Khao Yai National Park approx. 2 hours from Bangkok.

If you would like to join Phra Pandit and others travelling from Bangkok on Wednesday 1st January, we will meet at Baan Aree at 8:30am and make our way by taxi to Wat Prayong. (Baan Aree is close to Ari BTS Station) Due to there being no busses from Chiang Mai on over New Year, we will not be able to meet together in Bangkok. Please make your own way to Wat Prayong before midday January 1st (or you can go the day before). Maps and directions are here

Accommodation will be in several large halls. Some tents are also available. Men and women will be in separate buildings. It will be quite chilly there, so it is a good idea to bring a sleeping bag.

Food will be mostly vegetarian. But we can’t cater to individual diets or special needs. We will be on monastic feeding schedule which means no eating after midday. Don’t worry – this is easier than you might think, and you might even lose a few pounds!

The return trip on Thursday 9th January will be arranged later – the vans will go back to Wat Prayong; but if there is a van full of people preferring to go directly into Bangkok or to the airport we will try to arrange this on the day. We will leave the retreat centre around 4pm, and get back to Bangkok around 6pm.

Daily Schedule (more or less)

1st January:

  • After Arrival we receive our Sleeping places
  • Taking the 8 Precepts
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Guided Meditation

2nd-8th January:

  • 05.00h Morning Chanting with the Monks & Meditation
  • 07.00h Breakfast
  • 08.30h to 09.30h Meditation
  • 09.30h to 10.00h Yoga
  • 10.15h to 11.00h Meditation
  • 11.00h Meal
  • 14.00h to 14.30h Yoga
  • 14.30h to 16.00h Meditation
  • Afternoon Drinks
  • 17.00h to 18.00h Evening Chanting with the Monks
  • 18.30h to 19.00h Yoga
  • 19.00h Guided Meditation & possibility for questions and answers (until 21.00h)

9th January:

  • 05.00h Morning Chanting with the Monks & Meditation
  • 07.00h Breakfast
  • 08.30h to 09.30h Meditation
  • 09.30h to 10.00h Yoga
  • 10.15h to 11.00h Meditation
  • 11.00h Meal
  • 14.00h to 14.30h Yoga
  • 14.30h to 15.30h Metta, Sharing our merit Meditation and last possibility for questions and answers

End of the Retreat

Approximately 16.00h mini-vans will take the group back to Wat Prayong.

Please bring white comfortable clothes and some warm jacket and socks. Its cool up there. It’s a very pleasant and quiet place in natural surroundings at the very best time of the year weather-wise as it is cool and dry, and few insects; ideal surroundings for meditation!

For more Information contact Mae Chee Brigitte directly :

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