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Notes from U Jotika’s last talk — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Dhamma Friends from Little BANG,

    I am very happy to know the valuable information from your website.
    I stayed in AIT, Bangkok for 2 years from 2003 to 2005 as a Myanmar scholar.
    I well noticed that Thai people were religious, kind and helpful to us under the same roof of Buddhism.
    I had practised Vipassana meditation and Metta retreat under the guidance of Venerable Chanmyae Syadaw , Canadian Monk U Vamsa and Ko Jeff(Mr.Jeff Oliver) during 2 years stay in Thailand.
    It was GREAT.So I am always grateful to Thailand Buddhist community.
    Please kindly relay my humble respects and remembrance to them.
    Now you are worthy to receive the Dhamma from Sayadaw U Jotika who is my favourite teacher.
    Our AIT students were studying under stressful learning environment.We overcame our difficulties with Sayadaw’s Dhamma Talk like your posting which gave us mental energy.
    We could modify our behaviours and shape our future meaningfully.
    I am very happy to know the graceful combination of my favourite Sayadaw and my lovely country Thailand.
    Then I would like to be your Dhamma friend.
    Could you please to share Sayadaw U Jotika’s email address?
    May you and your noble activities be successful more and more.

    With Metta and Cetana,
    Thitsaralin(The Light of Noble Truth)
    Dr.Than Than Sein
    University of Camerino, Italy