Ongoing Activities

Right now we are hosting a Burmese nun Sayalai (which means Ajahn) Caru Dassini.

It’s a great privilege to be able to host dhamma teachers, and we owe a great debt to Ariyasom Villa Hotel in Bangkok for this.

Every teacher has a different style, and a variant meditation method. Our current guest teaches according to the Mahasi Sayadaw method – which is one of the most thorough ‘methods’ around. Her approach is fashioned from many years translating for Sayadaw of Panditarama – one of the foremost meditation masters in the world, and one who is still very active even today when he is into his nineties.

Sayalai Caru Dassini has been well received so far. Her clear voice, clear English and methodical approach has been well appreciated.

There’s still time to book for our meditation retreat in Rayong province this weekend – it is a wonderful venue, and the weather is hitting near perfect – cool and dry. The Ocean is beckoning. There are only a few people signed up this time round, so there will be plenty of space in our houses.