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  1. You’re welcome! I always really enjoyed anything M. Sagan wrote or presented. He was a great inspiration to me as a kid. I remember watching Cosmos and just being blown away!


  2. Pale-Blue-Dot Astronomers:

    Although Ptolemy thought the Sun revolved around the Earth, he also concluded that the Earth should be treated as a mathematical point in the Universe. Now, since a mathematical point is infinitely smaller the a “pale blue dot,” do we conclude that Ptolemy must be humbler, wiser, and “cooler” than modern astronomers? Well, maybe I’m being nasty and objective, when I should be misty-eyed and subjective. I might be a candidate for sensitivity training.

    Unlike Pale-Blue-Dot astronomers, I don’t try to feel-the-pain of the robbed (nor do I try to feel-the-pleasure of the robbers). To pretend to know the pain of others is to belittle the pain of others.

    From a comfortable armchair or a speaker’s podium, all human trials (pains, pleasures, joys, loves, etc.) can only be reduced to a “pale blue dot” by exceptional Pride – not insightful thinking. Trying to synthesize people with their planet is called Pantheism – not Astronomy.

    Best Regards,

    Frank Hatch
    Initial Mass Displacements