Photos: Day Trip to Pak Chong for talk with A. Jayasaro


Here are the typical scenes of a day trip to Pak Chong for a dhamma talk in English with Ajahn Jayasaro, which we do once or twice a year. Next one is scheduled for October 2015

Meet in Baan Aree – convenient to the Skytrain (Ari Station) and with good vegetarian food. This time we did not linger – once 10 people had arrived we sent them off in the Van. Part of the fun is to meet other yogis informally and hang out, but better to do it in the greenery of Pak Chong
packing into the vans – these vans are more pricey then other companies, but they are in good condition, comfortable 10 seaters, and always turn up on time
So the first main gathering spot is at Rabieng View in Pak Chong – it’s a fairly decent restaurant. You can also take your own food as service gets very slow there when 50+people arrive together
This is the outside of the restaurant. It’s nice and green and the air is cooler than Bangkok. And not far from A. Jayasaro’s residence.
Take note of the sign – it is in Thai, but says ‘Rabieng view’ – so you can tell the van driver to stop next time we go there.
It’s very helpful to pay as a small group. 50 individual bills is a nightmare for the restaurant, so please group yourselves together so we can get moving for the Dharma talk with A. Jayasaro
the front of the restaurant. We pretty much filled it up.
5 mini-vans unloading their human cargo at Rai Tawsi in Pak Chong – the talk venue
… and still unloading
winding our way to the hall – part of the fun is to get some greenery and flowers – of which there is lots!
It makes a change from Bangkok!
We schedule time to walk around in the lovely gardens and greenery. It’s a private compound though, so you are only admitted on scheduled open days
Our youngest yogi! The area is kid friendly – peaceful, a long way from any roads, and lots of people around to keep an eye on things (children)
I said 1,2,3 but I got no cheese
50 people in vans, and 20 by own transport – quite a gathering.
Ajahn Jayasaro and Pandit Bhikkhu catching up
After a group meditation, Ajahn Jayasaro comes up at around 1:30 to give the talk
Ajahn Jayasaro – “What am I talking about today?”
Ajahn Jaysaro in action
Jayasaro - littlebang
and then opening up for questions
Ajahn Jayasaro can do Tommy Cooper ‘just like that!’
and hour and a half for the dhamma talk, and questions
The hall floats in greenery, and there’s plenty of space
some of our regulars
Photo op afterwards – ajahn Jayasaro with Pandit Bhikkhu
for some reason, everyone saves their question for AFTER the question time.


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