Psycho Buddhists

Dr Holly and co. have been thinking long about a psychology and Buddhism meeting of some kind. Getting things underway there will now be a meeting every month (ish) at a cafe somewhere in town. First attempt was Starbucks, but it proved a little noisy.

Next meet will be Tuesday 10th November, 4 pm.

In the Indigo, just off soi Convent. (Sala Daeng BTS).

leave a message below to be included on the email notification or connect by telephone.

Over the last 10 years meditation, and especially mindfulness meditation, has become the watchword in psychology, with lots of genuine research. How far can Buddhist principles help psychologists, and how much can psychology help Buddhist meditators with their practise ? There is certainly lots of cross-over.

The next meeting will discuss the ego and ‘self’.

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