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Report: A. Jayasaro Trip May 2014 — 1 Comment

  1. Here are my suggestions:

    Events like these do take a lot of organising. Perhaps we could put together a list of Little Bang volunteers – not just for this event but also for others – of people who would like to help?

    More specifically

    1. We all leave at 8am (ie arrive at 7.30am at Baan Aree). This means we would arrive at around 11ish for a brunch inc one stop en route. We could then have a bit more time at Pak Chong to spend time in the gardens. I would vote for all leaving at the same time – to keep it simple.
    2. Have one pee stop per journey
    3. Someone volunteers in each van to make sure that the same number of people get back in as got out, and that the van doesn’t take any detours to drop people off on the way home.
    4. We ask the van company if they have any GPS’s – just in case there aren’t enough people who are confident about directing the van to the restaurant
    5. One of the Thai members of the sangha speaks to the restaurant about how much they would charge per head for a simple Thai vegetarian meal for between 40 and 50 people, and we include this in the cost of the day. People can also bring food to share if they would like to.
    6. So that the restaurant knows the numbers they will be catering for at least 24 hours before arriving – we have a final date for registering two days before leaving.

    Anyway – just a few thoughts