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Report: A. Wimoak on Anapanasati, Feb 2010 — 4 Comments

    • Actually, of all the teachers we invite, and the other teachers I know personally and call ‘mentors’ I actually find Ajahn Wimoak the most useful and helpful to my own practise. For some not so familiar with the technical terms of Buddhism he might be difficult to follow sometimes. For example he described an experience of ‘being without mind formations’. In the Pali this is the mind free from Sankhara. Not a common experience – but one listed in various suttas alongside cetovimutthi – liberation of the mind. We’ll be inviting him again.

  1. Buddhadhasa’s Mindfulness with Breathing, based on the anapanasati, was one of the first books I found when I came to Bangkok and it really helped me in my practice/practise. But reading it is not as good as actually hearing it from A. Wimoak and feeling it with his guidance. One reaction I noticed was that I sat perfectly still, no twitching or switching, unlike the week before when I was seriously worried that I might never be able to sit still.
    Thank you, Bante Pandit, for putting his teaching in context and giving us references for more.

  2. Buddhadasa really attacks empty ritualistic practises in his opening chapter on the Preliminaries and reminds us that habitual practise of ceremonial processes is potentially vacuous and meaningless, or worse. It is refreshing and inspiring to read material that comes from such a well-grounded and reliable starting point. Wonderful.