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Report: Bhikkhuni Ani Zambar — 2 Comments

  1. If… if it’s true that is «mind only» and matter is product of mind?
    As H.Blavatsky said: ” Our world is form-thought created by supreme mind”
    In this case probably the are : MIND , mind and Mind, different level and quality?
    And what is nature of mind? What is different between mind and consciousness

    • Well, the ‘mind-only’philosophy was a later change in Buddhism. Early Buddhism held the world to be both real (if you have subjectively seen it arising) and unreal (if you have subjectively seen it ceasing). According to Persaonl Construct Theory, the world is real, but you see your ‘constructs’ or expectations, which colour the world and your perception. The later Buddhist school of Madhamika moved to a mind only view. Theravada considers the mind to be ‘foremost’ but not the only ultimate reality. Basically all the different ideas are supposed to be tools for letting go of the mind, freeing it of constructs. You can see links to other talks by Bhikkhuni on this topic above, if you want to explore her angle.