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Report: Dhamma Talk Series 2010 — 3 Comments

  1. We are so worth your efforts! Thank you for the unseen extras ie: pursuing room rental and of course your travel time and prep (the actual talk looks like ur having fun, so that’s a win win for both presenter and audience) Hat’s off to u for keeping Bangkok’s English speaking Buddhist events ALIVE!

  2. Anumodanaa Saadhu! to all that helped and participated especially, Ven Pandit, Dr Holly and Ruby. Sad to hear about Ven Pandit’s friend who didn’t contact him and senior monks who are reluctant to give Dhamma talks. I understand that organising such events requires a lot of effort, but for well known or senior monks invited to talk, that’s really all they have to do. One would think, not much work at all!

    The Buddha seems to have the best of both worlds, avoided having to organise such events by going of tudong [walking tour] nine months of the yar and teaching under the trees, or in open halls built for travellers to rest, or for religious teachers to talk.

  3. Thanks especially for making a summary of the talks available on the blog. No matter how engaging a talk is, the mind will always stubbornly go off and do its own thing for awhile, so it’s good to be able to go back and check and any points that were missed.