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Report: notes on Dance of Emptiness Talk 1 — 1 Comment

  1. The joke that no one understood, is described below by Joe (the only one who got the joke)

    The Jewish joke you told was one I originally heard as a Sufi joke about Nasruddin.  These jokes make the rounds.  I’m afraid you mistold it, though it has different versions and different interpretations.  Here’s how it usually goes:

    The Jewish man (or Nasruddin) is leaving the island with the three buildings he constructed.  For The second building, he says, “That’s the temple I go to now.”  For the third, he says, “That’s the temple I used to go to. I wouldn’t set foot in it now.”

    The Explanation:  Jewish people in any temple always argue about things, and inevitably there is a split or a schism in which one of more of the members say,” I’m/We’re leaving to join another temple, or start a new one, and will never come here again.”  The joke is that, even alone on an island, Nasruddin/Jewish man leaves his own temple in anger, vowing never to return.  It’s not that he “needs an enemy,” but that he can’t even get along with himself.  Not an unusual problem, is  it?