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Report: Notes on Dance of Emptiness Talk 7 — 4 Comments

  1. I wanted to do this talk for 4 years already, but always felt a bit nervous. I am not an expert on Christianity, and don’t want to stir up feelings.
    Really, as far as Buddhism is concerned, we should seek out wise people and pay attention to their teachings. There is no reason at all why we should not look at and learn from other traditions – you can’t discount a whole tradition just because they are not in your ‘belief-camp’! That kind of dogmatism is something that most of us wanted to get away from.
    The Q&A turned mostly to matters of heaven and hell – this is a great topic, and will be covered in a future talk on Cosmology. For Kamma there are several topics covered in previous talks:
    1. Kamma is from present to future, not from past to present
    2. The Clockwork Universe – the five laws of nature (kamma, biology, physics, inheritability, and dhamma)
    3. Kamma vs forgiveness
    4. Cosmology of heaven and hell

  2. Sadhu ka. I have been reading all your talks and copied it on a file in Word as well for future reference. I wish I could attend your Monday sessions, incidentally, it’s not convenient for me on Mondays (wish it were Thursday like last year).

    I need to talk to you regarding HH Pakchok Rinpoche’s forthcoming visit to Bangkok next June’12. I have lost your email address, could you please email it to me or put it on the facebook. My email: daracrbll@yahoo.com

    In Dhamma
    Yom Dara

  3. “Here too there is a period of ‘redemption’, but it is due to the Son’s own guilt making him feel unworthy of the father’s riches.”

    More than that, in the Buddhist version, from the Lotus Sutra, the son doesn’t even recognise his father!

    (Stephen Mitchel develops this point saying that in the Buddhist version the son has fallen into such bad ways that the period of redemption is thus longer. The Bible son has only hurt himself and not others “This means that no restitution is necessary and that the father’s forgiveness can be simultaneous with the son’s repentance.”)

    Sounds like you had a great talk, wished I could have heard it.

    With palms together,


  4. In the Buddhist version, the son does not ‘have to’ pay a longer redemption period – the riches are there for him immediately. Yes, he’s so far gone he can’t even recognise his birth right.

    And you can buy the DVD 🙂