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  1. With a few clicks it was so easy being nudged into buying this book (Kindle edition) after reading this post. 🙂

  2. QUESTION: Is it assumed that Buddha followed all those thousands of regulations as well?

    I ask this because isn’t it all really about mind control and whether one’s mind is under their own control or someone else’s? Following a spiritual practice religiously to improve one’s understanding is great but once there is understanding, is there a need for any more nudging?

    …Or does the mind need CONSTANT REMINDING?

    Metta & Thanks

    • According to the Vinaya this was the automatic behaviour of the Buddha. The rules came up when people did things that he would not …. yet historically we know that most of the Vinaya rules came up after the Buddha’s time.
      Maha Kassapa was asked why he continued to be a rigorous renunciate after he became an arahant. He said it was a a suitable way to live for one who had gone beyond birth/ageing/death and was an encouragement to junior monks and laypeople, i.e. they still needed a nudge.