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Report on A. Jayasaro’s Talk — 3 Comments

  1. I was there, and enjoyed it. Great to see so many of our group come – old and new.
    The rough survey shows about 200 people. 70% from Littlebang and the rest from Baan Aree.
    I know a lot of the Thai people like to listen to dhamma in English too.

    Also nice to be able to stop and chat afterwards – after Planet Yoga where we had to clear out for the next class.

    Special thanks to the Thawsi school for the many dhamma books – both this time and on previous occasions when Khun Terry had gotten Dhamma books from there for free distribution.

  2. An excellent and inspiring Dhamma talk. I hope we’ll be able to have another from Ajahn Jayasaro sometime in the future.

  3. Yes, I do agree with Craig, but time frame provided a bit too short, if more time available would be great especially during daytime on weekend holidays. Ajahn Jayasaro ‘s dhamma books are quite interesting , inspiring and impressive . His writing is quite up-to-date to the current events raised up on several similes.

    hope LB could arrange another in the near future

    Thank /