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Report on Sayadaw U Jotika’s talk — 8 Comments

  1. Very good report Ajhan, at that night i decided something and i will make it soon……….But not now i have to study and finish my degree.After that i will ask my parent to do so….
    This is only one talk but many meaning to me
    Thank you very much
    May you be free from physical and mental suffering………

  2. Sayadaw’s talks always touch many people. Several people commented that it felt like he was talking to them persnoally.
    I tell him each time how he affects so many people, but he really comes to Thailand to rest from running his three temples in Myanmar, and so only makes one public appearance.

  3. It will be a week or so before I will get time to edit out all the Thai parts and upload the talk. In the mean time it should appear as video on youtube, with both thai and english. I don’t know the youtube address.

  4. I’m still hoping for MP3 or youtube of Sayadaws Bangkok talk on Praise and Blame.
    Perhaps I’m just not finding them and a few links would solve this for myself and others?

    • Sorry, I still have not had time to cut all the Thai parts out – it is quite time consuming, but I admit I have hardly even started – still waiting for that quiet few days!

      I will post on the front page when it is done and ready.

  5. Dear AJhan,
    Please also post the full version with Thai language. I’m sure many thais living abroad, like me, would love to hear the talks in Thai as well. Thank you so much.