Report on YBAT International Retreat 2011

Evaluation Form Results

YBAT International Meditation Retreat

with  Pandit  Bhikku

January  7-9 , 2011

 Some photos from this retreat are here


All participants   

male :     12

female : 17           

Answered  evaluation : 28            


1. How did you find about the retreat ?   

   –  Friends/Spouse                          6

    – Internet                                      13

   – Others                                          9         

( Little  bang   meetings , From  center , Travel , , 2 subscribed  e-newsletter  from  wandering-dhamma )

2. Duration of the retreat ?

    – appropriate                                            11

    – should be adjusted                                   1  days                    

    – should be adjusted                                   5  days                

    – should be adjusted                                   7  days                   

3. In general, the Dhamma  talks were

    – excellent                                                  7

    – very good                                                8

    – good                                                       11

     –  satisfactory                                                   2                


–         It  would  have  been  nice  to  hear  the  Sri  Lanka  monk  give  a  talk  also.

–         I also  would  like  to  have   more  Dhamma  talk.

–         It’s  a  little  bit  long  for  one  time

–         Made  a  new  meditation  experience

–         excellent

–         I  can’t  hear  very  well  Because  I  don’t  know  English  very  well

–         Dhamma  talk  was  good  and  I  learn  a  lot  from  Dhamma  talk .

–         May  be  just  a  little  more  on  the  1 st  day  about  why  we  bow

–         Always  good  to  hear  of  different  med.  techniques. Excellent  range  of  Dhammma  depth,

–         The  examples  given  during  the  talk  are  great  because  they  are  related  to  practitioners’ daily  realities  so  Dhamma  becomes  much  closer  to  life

–         very good

–         really  practiced    and  useful  some  real  gems of  insight

–           need  to  be  more  focused  sometimes , and  to  reduce  tangential  digressions

–         could  also  have  been  useful  to  exposed  on  the  foundation of mindfulness.   

4. please check your opinion on the following questionnaires

Item Good Fair Poor Need Improvement
4.1) Meditation Hall 24 4 0 0
4.2) Room 20 5 2 1
4.3) General Services 24 3 0 0
4.4) Food 17 9 2 0



 5. Any suggestions or recommendations about the service.

  1. Could  not  be  more  perfect

– clock  chime  should  always  be  turned  off ,  air-condition  too  cold  often times

  1. Emergency  of  toilet  cleaning  up  in upper  room  5  should  be  increased
  2. Recommend  more  frequent check up   on  wash room  become messy  after people’ s  use
  3. Labels  should  be  provided  on  food  Items  more  International  cuisine
  4. Encourage  people  to  refill one  bottle  of  water  instead  of  opening  new  one  all  the  time
  5. Keep  some  white clothes for hire  or  sale
  6. There  should  provide  more  convenience  locker  for  variable  items
  7. More  signs  in  English 

“Please  keep  the  plastic  wrap  on  the  fruit  plate to  avoid  flies”

“Please  keep  the  doors  closed  firmly  to  keep  the  mosquito  out”

  1. In  room  please  die  ant
  2. Should  have  more  time  for  self  practices
  3. Provide some  bread  & fruit  ( without  sugar )
  4. Have  chilli  available  all  meals
  5. Cornflake , toast , porridge
  6. Need  to  change  food  service


  1. Wake  up at  04.45  in  order  to  shower ( for  time  to ) , have  a   drink  before  starting  meditation
  2. You  might  wish  to  consider  using  soap  shampoo  dispenses  in  the  bathroom  rather  than  providing   soap &  shampoo. 
  3. No  need  to provide  small  bottles  of  water, just ask  people  to  refill  their  water  bottle.This  would  help  the environment.


6. What did you like about the retreat?

  1. The  duration works  well for  those  of  us who  work
  2. Building , garden , a  field  way
  3. I  can  mind  control  myself
  4. The  duration  3  days
  5. Teacher  were  excellent,  arrangement  were  excellent
  6. Personal  time , personal  space ,quiet,peace
  7. The  meditation  and  talks  together
  8. I  don’t  know  sorry , I  can  mind  control
  9. I  don’t  understand
  10. Follow step by step not to strictly.
  11. peaceful  place  like  home  and  I’m  very  impressive  with  the  staff
  12. The  practice ,  the  guidance , inspiration  from  the  talk  also , the  experience  from  the  meditation
  13. Mix between Thai and foreigners,facilities
  14. I  like  meditation   very  peaceful  and  happy
  15. Retreat  was  flexible  but  at  the  same  time  helpful  and  informative
  16. Perfect  weekend  duration  for  working  folks
  17. Dhamma  talks  med/vipas  instruction  perfect  hall , clean , great  location
  18. Appropriate length of  time  (possible  to  take  leave  from  work),excellent  teaching & service 
  19. Remind me of meditation I had done 50 years ago.
  20. The location and the ability for me to reconnect with dhamma/practice.


7. Would you recommend anyone to come to this retreat?

 – Yes , Because…………….……

  1. serious , pure  Buddhism
  2. Many  people  have  to  grow  patient
  3. It’s  refreshing , not  talking  to  any  body 
  4. To  get  wisdom
  5. It  is  very  effective
  6. Positive,spiritual experience
  7. This retreat is suitable for beginner
  8. Good  retreat
  9. enjoy   this  retreat
  10. Good  to  experience
  11. It  is  very  nice  to  come  for  meditation
  12. It  provides  dhamma  talk  and  methods  to  improve  my  meditation
  13. Good  foundation
  14. Very  beneficial/insightfull  since  short  suitable  for  anyone
  15. If  will  help  then  with  their  suffering
  16. Wonderful introduction to vipassana
  17. It  helps  answer some of the question I have & show me the rightful path.

-No , Because…………….……

                1. Program  is  very  simple  maybe  needs more  some  special program

              2. I  don’t  like  meditation

8. Would you come back to the retreat again in the future?

 – Yes, Because …………….

  1.   positive   experience
  2. Meditation  is hard  and  exhausting
  3. I  feel  comfortable  here
  4. If   the  schedule  is  right for  me
  5. Want  to  learn  more  and  get  more  wisdom
  6. It  was  very  useful
  7. We  can  get  something
  8. I  feel    comfortable
  9. I  would  like  to improve  myself
  10. Convenient  weekend  period 
  11. Positive spiritual experience

–  No, Because …………….

                1. I  can not change meditation methods of the past.

9. What changes would you like to see in the future retreat such as this?

  1. It  would  be  nice  to  hear  the  other  meditator’s  experience    while  the  retreat  is  being  held  it  would  be  nice  to  have  a  certain  time  to  solve  experience
  2. More varied talks, more quotations in Pali
  3. Use  outdoor  amphitheater  when  weather  permits
  4. More  walking  meditation  sessions  and  longer  days  for  retreat
  5.  Provide longer  break  for meals,  shower
  6. Have a session that allows practitioners to get to know each other

 before the beginning of the noble silence.

  1. More dhamma talks & less meditation.
  2. No need to give toothpaste and soap on arrival as people bring their own,it would save money

for the center.

  1. Less sitting
  2. Please always ensures noble silence is observed.


10. General  comments

  1. For  westerners  strict  reminders  can  be  harsh , but  this  retreat  felt  a  little  more  relaxed,  thank  you.  It  is  always  beneficial  to  have  dhamma    in  English
  2. Super  retreat  in  all  aspects.  Personally  would  like  to  see  a  little  bit  longer  one  in  addition  to  the  short  one
  3. The  ants  is  in  bedroom  so  I  can’t  sleep
  4. The whole retreat was very good,thank you for making my life better.
  5. I found that walking meditation form method too difficult & optional walking in line as learnt in the past should be offered.
  6. Overall very worthwhile.grateful that Ybat offers a retreat in English, a very positive experience.

The only thing I found difficult was concentrating ,when the young Koreas were chatting.

Maybe next time Ybat could enforce the vow of silence for all.

  1. Would be great to introduce some form of Yoga in the morning to help people coping with pain.

-Provide chanting book in Thai for Thai practitioners.

-allow practitioners to read Dhamma books & discuss  Dhamma topics at certain hours of the days.

           9.  Car pool is a great service & a great way to make merit & be charitable.

         10.  I found the whole experience very beneficial to my spiritual growth.

        11.   more walking meditation sessions and longer days for retreat.

        12.  The staff were very friendly and caring. I enjoy myself a lot & well cherish this moment.

                                         ผู้สรุปแบบประเมินผล  :  ณัฏฐ์ลดา  โพธิญาณ์

                                         ผู้ตรวจ  :  คุณปาร์ณัสม์   ตรีสุคนธวงศ์