Retreats organised by us, here in Bangkok will be advertised on the HOME page.

Below are some of the other groups in Thailand offering retreats. Their policies and prices differ, so look into it carefully!

Many people contact me asking if there are retreats on particular dates – but everything I know about is already listed here – I don’t have any secret retreats that I have not listed on this page.


For meditation in Thailand and meditation in Bangkok, there are a number of well known organisations. Through the Little Bangkok Meditation group we sometimes arrange short meditation retreats close to Bangkok. See the front page or Calendar for these. Following are other meditation organisations you will find around Bangkok and Thailand.

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Mae Chee Brigitte is often leading 9 day meditation retreats, or else accepting visiting foreigners at Wat Prayong. She has a meditation retreat at the beginning of most months when she is in Thailand : NEXT RETREAT IN THAILAND WILL BE SEPTEMBER 2014

Dipabhāvan Meditation center on Koh Samui runs regular retreats, currently from 7-10 and 20-27 of each month. The website is quite comprehensive:

The meditation centre at Wat Kow Tahm, which was run for 30 years by Steve and Rosemary Weissman, is now reopened with a new leader, new website, and a new schedule. Initial feedback suggests this will once again be one of the best places for English language meditation retreats. See their comprehensive website :

nlf-logoNew Life Foundation run retreats for recovering addicts, that are open to the general public also. They have been running regular meditation and yoga/healing retreats for Vipassana, Yoga and Tibetan style meditation, and are getting very organised. It is a lovely facility and atmosphere, in the fields of a cool Chiang Rai. The facility and environment are excellent, and very low cost.  WEBSITE HERE

Jungle Yoga – which conducts retreats in floating huts and sala, run some Vipassana courses from time to time in between their regular yoga retreats. WEBSITE IS HERE These retreats are rather costly though, so check into the prices. The countryside and natural environment there is supposed to be incredible!

logo_mindcentreThanyapura Centre in Phuket is an up-market retreat and wellness centre that is home to one of the world’s best known authors on Buddhism, Dr Alan Wallace. Retreats with him and other teachers are offered year round. By Thai standards it is rather expensive, but the facilities are really top standard. WEBSITE HERE

Goenka  style Vipassana courses are available in Thailand in several locations. These are vigorous 10 day systematic courses taught by and for lay people. Note that it is a highly specialized school and approach to Buddhism.


PDF document from Nov 2007Here is the latest updated information on retreats around Asia . This document was not prepared by LittleBang but we understand that it is accurate as far as possible. Covers good places to go for meditation in Thailand, Burma, Laos etc.. Right click the Picture to the left and ‘Save Target As’.

One thing that is very useful – if you go to any of the places in the document, and you find the information has changed in any way – you can send the details back to the webmaster on this site to update the information for the people who come after.


In Nakhon Pathum is Wat Songdhamma Kalyani - the temple of Bhikkhuni Dhammananda – Thailand’s best known Bhikkhuni. All are welcome to visit, and lay-women can stay there and join in the temple activities, or join regular 3 day retreats. Bhikkhuni Dhammananda is a warm and charismatic teacher, and a very well known scholar of Buddhism, and the Bhikkhunis there have experience in various meditation styles. DETAILS.


One foreigner friendly temple close to Bangkok (2 hours by air con tour bus) is Wat Bhaddanta. Even though you will likely need a Thai to phone for you in advance, once you get there it is quite easy to settle in. They have some reasonable individual meditation huts, and apart from the evening Puja (chanting and meditation) there are daily meets with the teacher – usually the abbot. He speaks enough English to impart the gist of meditation, and has a very warm nature. You can pick your own day to go and leave – there are no structured retreats.  Link to Website.


In the South of Thailand is Suan Mokh – one of the most famous temples in Thailand. It runs a 10 day retreat most months, with meditation based around mindfulness of breathing. There are always Westerners about, and the temple is open to visits outside of retreat time. The Library is also quite good.  Suan Mokh (South Thailand)


Wat Pah Nanachat – International Forest Monastery in North East Thailand. Visitors are expected to write in advance, and adhere to the rigorous monastic code and schedule while there.   Wat Pah Nanachat.


Wat Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai .  Although famous and right on the tourist trail, this is quite a peaceful temple for a retreat. In the evening the crowds disappear and the breeze picks up, and the mountain is quiet. Meditators adhere to the baisc rules, and can set their own schedule, with a daily meet with the meditation teacher, and some short Dhamma talks. WEBSITE.


Wat Luang Pu Maha Kassapa: If you really want to get off the beaten track there is a temple in central Rayong belonging to Ajahn Wimoak. He speaks English, and the temple is quite spacious, set on a hillside. He’s open to giving short term ordination if someone is experienced and suitable. Better to contact personally via the CONTACT page on this site, and we’ll forward you contact details. It is quite a good place for a sheltered self retreat.


Bangkok resource for dhamma, mindfulness and meditation events:

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Meditation retreat 2013, Rayong, Thailand
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mindfulness meditation retreat, Chiang Rai
Mountain meditation retreat with Bangkok and Chiang Mai yogis
Incomparable Sayadaw U Jotika in Bangkok
Tibetan Buddhism in Bangkok
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  1. Suwatee Krup,

    My name is Kyle from the USA and living in BKK, Thailand. Currently, I am beginning my studies at Mahidol University International College. Although I will be minoring in the Thai language, my understanding of the language currently is low. Now that I am relatively well situated in Thailand I am looking for a temple best suitable for me to learn dhamma and go on an occasional meditation retreats. Wat Bhaddanta seems to be a suitable candidate for my current needs(basic english instructions). My schedule currently would leave me with long weekends. Maybe between trimester I could stay for even longer periods. I would have a thai friend willing to call in before my initial arrival. Is there any other advice you could share with me?

  2. Only that you keep an eye on this website for more activities and retreats. Also, try a few different temples as listed on the PDF on this webpage.

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