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Samsara Sucks — 4 Comments

  1. But just one thought…. although not a sentient being, we experience this unconditioned, Buddha-nature, God, personally. That, of course, takes many forms. I like the formulation that sees Buddha-nature/God as a kind of inner light. Within and available to every single being.

  2. Yes – Even in Buddhism one experiences nibbana persoanlly. Even the Arahants kept their own personalities, such as Maha Kassapa keeping his style of being the rag-robe wearing renunciate.

    But we have to be careful of the idea that the Buddha nature is an inner light – kind of like the Hindu idea of the ‘spark’ of self/consciousness. I think nibbana is far more vast than our selves, and thus it is hard to describe us as containing it.

    But we are all on the same page with this one I think.