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Sayadaw U Jotika on Praise and Blame — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you very much (For free download,Dhamma Talk and for all your kindness)
    May you be free from physical and metal suffering …
    May you be long live for propagation Dhamma to the whole world…

  2. We have been waiting for so long for this dhamma talk.
    I have attended the talk but there are so many points that it is difficult to remember every thing.
    This talk needs to be listened to many times.
    Thank you very much for your work.
    We hope sayadaw gives more talks in the near future.

  3. Thank you Achan!
    Really appreciate that.
    I need to listen to this talk again and again.
    Can I get E-mail address of Sayadaw?
    I would like to thank him.

  4. Thank you.

    So good you made this talk available for those of us not able to attend in person.

    finding it’s meriting several listenings!

    A gifted ‘Dhamma expounder’, indeed!

    ..and so good to hear explanations of how the Dhamma pans out from his personal life perspective, rather than more abstract terms and examples…

  5. I listened to this talk several times over while editing out the Thai translation parts. Quite amazing how it fits together and you cannot tell where the breaks were.
    We are all praised, and we are all blamed. Both hit on the ego. The Dhamma is the only even ground. I hope Sayadaw comes back and talks on the other ‘Worldly Winds’ soon.

  6. Thank you so much, ven.
    I am waiting for this dhamma tape for a long time since the talk has held in Bkk.
    If it is possible, please send me the dhamma trip schedule of Sayadaw for 2010. Some of his disciples want to know about it.

    with respectfully,

  7. When I was in medical school, somebody gave me the following paragraph before I went for viva in medical school exams and he said it will make me more confident and ensure the success in the exam.

    Phutthassa lokadhammehi
    Cittam yassa na kampati
    Asokam virajam khemam,
    Etam mangalamuttamam

    To tell the truth I recite this paragraph many times without knowing the meaning and I achieved many success in my life. So I asked a good friend of mine who have some knowledge in Pali and he gave me the direct translation of this paragraph. I remember I even had goose bumps after hearing the meaning. After hearing Sayadaw’s talk, my understanding of this Buddha teaching becomes fuller and at the same time I can feel the need to cultivate myself of spiritual qualities that is required to face the rises and falls of life.

  8. I can’t able to down load praise and blame. Any one having this pls let me know where to down load. I love his dhamma talk and yet to listen this. Appreciate for any one forward me this info.