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Second Annual Picnic — 24 Comments

  1. Sorry, I won’t bring custard this year (I know you and Tevijjo will miss it)!! See you there!

  2. ummmmm, if this runs anything like last year: I’m gonna need a cell phone contact number of someone who can talk me in!

  3. Your picnic sounds inviting – I share your interest in meditation, fellow meditators, yoga and picnic food. I will be coming (with some Vietnamese snacks) and I don’t know anyone!

  4. Any food is good food. Bring some water too.
    You’re welcome Jennifer – No one knows everyone who will be there – it’s kind of the idea, to get everyone to meet with some new people.

  5. Ven.,

    Sounds good and do-able for me… but will it be OK to bring my one-week shy of five year old son? I’m a Professor of Buddhism all week, and a father of two little boys on the weekend, while the wife works. Thing is, they know the park, and will sprint to the playground… I’d have to play “cowboy” and rope my straying cattle! (I think you know how naughty they are!).

    Sound’s good… I’ll try to come if possible!

  6. I’ll need someone to guide me in since I can’t be there at 9 a.m. but I’d love to come. Especially since I missed the fun last year and haven’t been around for what seems like ages.

    Rubby can I call you?

  7. This is coming together well. . . will try to bring eggsalad & cucumber sandwiches again. And drinkables, whatever I can schlep. . .

  8. I put a map up in the post giving roughly where we will be. We will not be too far from the sports centre/gym. Because that is where the bathrooms are.
    Another idea, we need a volunteer to hire a bicycle for the day (they are only a few baht) so that people can make bathroom trips or zip along to the nearest shop for extra supplies.

  9. I will be there with no Gin & Tonic, Wine, Vodka or Campari & Tonic but may bring a Herb.

    Be happy to hire a bike but maybe need a Thai speaker.