Sunday 13th April

Thailand’s Great
Ceremonial Water Pouring
at Ariyasom Villa

Thailand is so rich in festivities, traditions and culture – we all love it. And none splashes across media more than the infamous Songkran Water Festival. Some people come to Thailand just for this!

But you know there’s more to it than splashing water?

Temples around the country will be holding special events – cultural festivals have always been centered around the temples, which also serve as community centres. There is always water pouring over the monks – over their hands in civilised Bangkok, but a rather more thorough application in the North!. There is auspicious chanting, and food offerings to the Sangha as a way to support the heritage of Buddhism.

(you might be interested to note different dates for Songkran around Thailand on this informative webpage from the TAT)

elephants sonkran water festival

We will hold our own water festival (rather drier) event this year – at the beautiful Ariyasom Villa Hotel in Bangkok in the morning 10-12:30 pm


Until 1940 Songkran marked the official New Year of the Thai calendar, and was celebrated, sanuk style, with chucking water over each other. Fortunately – you are not allowed to throw water over monks (though some of us won’t venture out just in case). But we do have a tame and civilised equivalent, where you pour the water over the monks hands. (I found out the hard way this is not adhered to in Chiang Mai!).

While the water throwing is what grabs your attention, this time of the year is also used to pay respect to elders, parents, grandparents, teachers and even neighbours. The monks especially keep this aspect of the tradition alive, and usually go travelling to meet with their Uppajaya (the monk who gave them ordination) to pay respects.

Sunday 13th

For our event:

There will be two or three monks, waiting to be fed.

Please bring small food offerings – only things ready to eat (not uncooked rice etc..). After the offering to monks the food will be shared between everyone.

  • 10am Water pouring on the monks and Buddha image
  • 10:30 Auspicious Chanting
  • 11:00 Food offering
  • 11:45 Blessing
  • 12:00-12:45 (ish) lunch for everyone (all the food offering will be put together for you to join in and share

As always, there is no charge for this event, though donations are welcome,


Regulars in Bangkok will be familiar with Ariyasom Villa by now – it is an 8 minute walk from Phloen Cit BTS Station, at the end of Sukhumvit Soi One. You can take a motorcycle along the soi, but might be better to walk this time …