Monday 13th January 2020   SPECIAL EVENT: An Evening with Ajahn Vajiro 6pm to 8pm

Dhamma talk and Meditation with Ajahn Vajiro Bhikkhu

@ the Rojana Center, Asoke



We are very fortunate to be welcoming back Ajahn Vajiro for an evening of teachings on Monday 13th January. Ajahn Vajiro was ordained in the lineage of Luang Por Chah in Thailand in 1980 and is now based at Sumedharama Buddhist Monastery near Lisbon, Portugal.

  • 6.00 pm: Rojana Center opens (see map below)
  • 6.30 pm: Welcome to Ajahn Vajiro followed by dhamma talk, meditation and Q and A.
  • 7.50 pm: Ends
  • 8.00pm:  Rojana Center closes



As is usual with Buddhist teachings, there is no charge for this event. However, the Little Bangkok Sangha follows the Buddhist custom of Dana. Dana is a Pali word which translates as generosity. The teachings are offered as an act of generosity, and those receiving them can, if they wish, reciprocate by making donations. These go towards the teacher’s costs, which include food, travel, and medical expenses. A box for Dana will be provided.

It is in English only

There is no need to book in advance, as there is plenty of room, but please come early so that we are all seated by the time Venerable Vajiro arrives. Out of respect for Ajahn Vajiro and the Rojana Center, please wear something that is comfortable to sit in, and avoid tight-fitting clothes, shorts, sleeveless tops, and short skirts. 

About Ajahn Vajiro:

Ajahn Vajiro has been a monk for nearly 40 years. He received higher ordination in Thailand in 1980 at Wat Pah Pong. After helping with the opening of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in the UK, he participated in the running of both Harnham Buddhist Monastery and Chithurst Forest Monastery. In 1993 he moved to New Zealand to lead the Bodhinyanarama community in Wellington for five years. Following this he entered a three-year retreat in Australia before returning to Amaravati in 2001. In 2012 he moved to Portugal where he had been closely involved in the establishment of Sumedharama Buddhist Monastery near Lisbon, which is where he is now based. For further information about Ajahn, please see:

Getting there:

Please follow the map. It is VERY precise. It is easy to find: there are only one or two turns depending on which direction you are coming from.

It is an 11 minute walk from Asoke BTS and even closer to Sukhumvit MRT

Go down Sukhumvit 23 to the first four way intersection. Turn right, and then turn right again at the end of the road.

Or just ask the motorcycles inside Sukhumvit 23 – they know the way. In Thai the centre is known as Rojanatam.

Here is the Google Map link, if you prefer this method

Here are the GPS coordinates if you prefer: 13.739356, 100.564748