Special Events with Ajahn Pannyavaro


Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Special Events with Ajahn Pannyavaro, Abbot of Bodhi Tree Monastery, Eastern Australia at the beautiful Ariyasom Villa on Sukhumvit Soi One.

Monday 22nd Evening: Topic for Talk and discussion is Mahasi Sayadaw Method Meditation. Ajahn Pannyavaro describes his approach as a ‘meditation technition’. He avoids all the ritual and ceremonial side of Buddhism, and focusses exclusively on the rigorous application of mindfulness meditation in the Mahasi Sayadaw method. As such, he is well versed with the method and the states of mind that meditators often experience.

Tuesday 23rd Evening: Meditation and feedback – we will do some group meditation and then feedback on the kinds of mind we experience. The idea is to see what other yogis are experiencing, good or bad, to get a general idea of how our own experience relates to others. Don’t worry – you won’t have to share if you don’t want to – but it is both encouraging and interesting to see what other yogis experience, and the invaluable experience of Ajahn Pannyavaro as a long term meditator, retreat leader and abbot.

Schedule both evenings:

  • 6:30 pm     – Meet, coffee and refreshments
  • 7-8:30 pm  – Meditation, Dialogue, Q&A
We will certainly be finishing no later than 8:30 pm so those who have come from work can go on and get some dinner, and those living further away can get home in good time. You might like to join other yogis for some evening dinner afterwards.

Ajahn Pannayvaro is abbot of Bodhi Tree Monastery in Eastern Australia, and also web master and creator of the world’s most comprehensive Buddhist Studies website www.buddhanet.net , which he continues to work on in collaboration with other world wide Buddhist institutions. He also teaches Vipassana (insight meditation) courses regularly world wide, and is in Thailand at the invitation of Mahaculalongkorn University (Monk’s university) to teach a retreat in English. Having just entered his 70’s and having been a monk for going on 30 years has not diminished his vigour. He practised intensive Mahasi style meditation with several Burmese masters, most especially Sayadaw U Janaka, who is one of the most highly respected Burmese masters with many centers around the world under his tutelage.

This event is kindly hosted at Ariyasom Villa Boutique Hotel, Bangkok. Event is free of charge, but donations are welcome and will be forwarded to Bodhi Tree Monastery.


Could not be easier – go down Sukhumvit Soi One, right to the end, and Ariyasom is on the left.

Click the map for an even larger view (note that this map is proportional to actual distance, and has North at the top. It is less than a 10 minute walk from Ploen Chit BTS Station on Sukhumvit One

Photos from A. Pannya Events:

meditation group Sukhumvit, Bangkok

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