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Suan Mokh Retreat experience 2010 — 5 Comments

  1. I’m so glad I found this post. I have a daily meditation practice and am considering going here in March. I’ve been so curious about this center and yours is the first personal experience I’ve read. Sounds wonderful and challenging all in one. I do have a few questions:

    -Are you expected not to read this entire time? Do you have much time to yourself? If so, what are you expected to do, meditate more?
    -How is the yoga there? I have a pretty deep yoga practice and would want to practice on my own most likely.

    Thank you for any info you can provide.


  2. Hello Amy~

    Time outside the meditation sessions or lectures can be spent as follows :
    chores, laundry, hot springs, rest. Mindfully, off course.
    You are asked to deposit your reading materials before the retreat starts.
    Limiting external-sense input will help to develop concentration being the rationale.

    The yoga consists of exercises to support your meditation practice. Many participants have no experience with yoga and a lot of experience with sore muscles and aching joints.
    It is not a meditation/yoga retreat.

    Level depends on who’s teaching. When nun Aree is present she will give yoga for women and is very appreciated. I am a man so I have no direct experience with this. Sometimes a yoga instructor is recruited from within the group of participants, always many experienced yogis there, maybe you? You can also practice by yourself, within yoga-time only on the grounds, otherwise in your cell.

    More of practical info can be found in the link below,


  3. Hi Jan,
    I have been searching everywhere in Phuket for a retreat like this! Just a few questions.. Do I need to go to phuket for 1 month just to register in time and then visit the retreat? Ideally I want to get to Phuket register and begin the retreat..is this possible? Also is it still running as I have found many retreats like this are no longer running. Any info you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks